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Department-Enterprises Committee

Who we are

The technical-scientific Department-Enterprises Committee is a collaboration panel including the Department and the enterprises.

The Committee promotes the creation and the sharing of innovative projects in research and educational contexts.

Each year, four meeting are organized, where Committee members have the opportunity to propose new collaboration opportunities and to share the experience about existing ones.

As far as education activities are concerned, the collaboration with companies is related to degree and master degree dissertations, internships, projects and workshops for students, and collaboration between the Department and companies in Masters and PhD programs.

As far as research and development is concerned, the collaboration with companies is related to regional, national, international and European research projects, as well as to technology transfer projects.

For more information or collaboration proposals: DWeXQlPr0G3hq9wLkiHfMoI]#[qJPI0j7UnuhrSrvEWP@SLVA