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Among the various research activities that have as their object the study of the spread of Covid-19, this scientific contribution

It is a modeling study that proposes a computational model to study the evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic in Piedmont. In particular, this study relates the effect of government measures to restrict social contacts with the presence of cases of infected but asymptomatic people (therefore unaware that they are healthy carriers of Covid-19 infection).
This is a preliminary study submitted for publication (and therefore reviewed by the scientific community) in an important scientific journal (BMC Medicine).
This interdisciplinary work stems from the collaboration of three research groups from the University of Turin, two from the Department of Computer Science and one from the Department of Medical Sciences.

The team of authors is composed of:

dr. M. Beccuti, Dr. F. Cordero, Dr. S. Pernice, Dr. L. Marcotulli (Computational Biology group of the Computer Science Department);
prof. M. Sereno, dr. P. Castagno (group of Quantitative Modeling and Systems Performance Evaluation);
prof. L. Richiardi, prof. M. M. Maule, dr. G. Moirano (group of Epidemiology of the Department of Medical Sciences).

An aspect worthy of attention concerns the fact that the researches behind this work make extensive use of the computing infrastructures available to the University of Turin (C3S computer center and HPC4AI https: //

A clarification: this is a work in progress (given the situation it seems almost obvious)

The three groups will develop similar analyzes for other Italian regions.


Prof. Matteo Sereno (auA9Ghv78loTirpVZI0tsE]#[LT31vUuzmbRFV0iHGAosZ7)