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Management and Committees

Department Executive Committee

The Department Executive Committee is the proposing and executing authority flanking the Director in all his/her tasks.


The Director, Research and Education Vice- directors, the Administrative Manager, with the role of Committee secretary, are ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.
Moreover, the following members are elected:

  • 9 members, among wich 3 full professors, 3 associate professors, and 3 researchers;
  • a number of technical-administrative delegates correspnding to the 10% of the technical- administrative staff, and in any case not higher than 3, representing education, management, technical-scientific now-how, declared at candidacy time.

Boella Guido (Head of Department), Bergadano Francesco, Console Luca, Grangetto Marco (Research Vice-director), Sereno Matteo, Baroglio Cristina (Education Vice-director), Gaeta Rossano, Patti Viviana, Pironti Marco, Cordero Francesca, Di Caro Luigi, Vernero Fabiana, Claudio Mattutino, Giuseppe Petracca.