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  • Lectures in microbiology-immuno-oncology
    Lectures in microbiology-immuno-oncology
  • Just The Woman Iam
    Just The Woman Iam
  • RNA-seq and single cell RNA-seq Course
    RNA-seq and single cell RNA-seq Course
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    high apprenticeship
  • Beyond Archaeology
    Beyond Archaeology

Computer Science Department

University of Torino

Computer Science Department in located in Corso Svizzera 185, Torino (entrance from Via Pessinetto 12).

Phone: (+39) 011 67 06 711 Fax: (+39) 011 75 16 03
Administrative office: 9fHJ0dY.NRZW4IjOC6nk72]#[0Iy@eVBq51j9mHcAvzajpv
CCL-LM office: 9fHJ0dY.NRZW4IjOC6nk72MS1il@]#[rRx7rO8s539giwc0BjUj0p4KphS2

Head of Department: Guido Boella - 9fHJ0dY.NRZW4IjOC6nk7]#[mM8ytVLq1bBD3BV65umR.
Research Vice-director: Marco Grangetto
Education Vice-director: Cristina Baroglio