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Social Computing

Prodotti della ricerca

Di seguito alcuni prodotti del lavoro di ricerca del gruppo Social Computing che non sono pubblicazioni.

  • Constraints among Commitments Language (2CL): an extension of Winikoff et al.'s enhanced commitment machine, which allows exploring all the possible executions of a business protocol, showing all the violations. The implementation is done in tuProlog and the software interprets a 2CL business protocol specification by means of a parser written in Java.
  • 2COMM: an Agent & Artifact  framework for defi ning social relationships, represented by social commitments,  among a group of interacting parties. The framework provides adapters both for JADE and for JaCaMo and allows a seamless interaction between the agents from these two very different agent platforms.
  • European Legal Taxonomy Syllabus, developed during the TMR research programme "Uniform Terminology for European Private Law" (2002-2006), The Syllabus presents a wide-access database on European consumer law with knowledge representational tools. The database covers EU terminology drawn out from the main EC provisions on consumer protection together with the transposition law within several jurisdictions (England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy). By providing a minimum of background information through short commentary notes by national legal scholars, it is furthermore possible to mirror the architecture of existing legal terms and concepts for every Member State considered, thus helping legal practitioners by providing an interpretative guide into European legal terms. 
  • Eunomos, an advanced legal document management system with terminology management.
  • First Life, smart cities, communities, and social innovation
  • PowerJava precompiler. PowerJava is an extension of the Java programming language that incorporates "roles" as a distinctive feature.
  • PowerJade classes that allow incorporating into the Jade agent framework the notion of role introduced with PowerJava.