it gb
it gb

Modellazione, Verifica e Riuso di Sistemi


We contribute to the design and development of (in alphabetical order):

  • ABS modeling language ( ABS is a language for Abstract Behavioral Specification, which combines implementation-level specifications with verifiability, high-level design with executablity, and formal semantics with practical usability )
  • DeltaFineFit (A model-based testing approach for delta-oriented software product lines )
  • DeltaJ (Delta-oriented programming of software product lines of Java programs )
    See also the Imperative Featherweight Delta Java tool chain
  • Protelis (An aggregate programming language based on computational fields and embedded in Java )
  • ScaFi (A Scala-based aggregate-programming framework which implements the Field Calculus semantics and provides an API for simulation and execution of aggregate programming applications)
  • SCWC-bio-simulator
  • Xtraitj (Pure trait-based programming on the Java platform - supersedes TraitRecordJ and SWRTJ)