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R. Pensa - La tua privacy è la mia privacy? Influenza del contesto nella valutazione del rischio di perdita di dati nelle reti sociali online

Online social networks expose their users to privacy leakage risks. To measure the risk, privacy scores can be computed to quantify the users' profile exposure according to their privacy preferences or attitude.
However, by means of stochastic simulations, we showed that user privacy can be also influenced by external factors (e.g., user’s neighbourhood attitude, the general behaviour of user’s subnetwork, the position of the user within the social graph), although state-of-the-art scores do not consider such properties adequately.
In this presentation, we define a context-aware privacy score that improves the measurement of user privacy risk according to the characteristics of the network. We assume that users that lie in an unsafe portion of the network are more at risk than users that are mostly surrounded by privacy-aware friends.
The effectiveness of our measure is analysed by means of extensive experiments on two simulated networks and a large graph of real social network users. Finally, we discuss some promising future directions of our research work.