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Smart Interactive Objects and Systems


Recent projects: 

  • PIEMONTE (People Interaction with Enhanced Multimodal Objects for a New Territory Experience) a 3-years ICT Converging Technologies 2008 project funded by Piedmont Region and in cooperation with Telecom Italia, Slow Food, and the University of Gastronomic Science. We have developed a suite of applications based on a framework for creating augmented environments including a social web of people and intelligent things: targeted to outdoor environments and eno-gastronomy domain, the applications aim to transform a region into a smart environment sharing its cultural heritage with people. Using the applications people can interact with intelligent, social things (e.g., bottles of wine, etc.), listen to their stories and contribute with user-generated content.
  • ReAL CODE, a 24 months research project funded by Piedmont Region and aimed at creating the conditions for a targeted and intelligent distribution of digital creative contents with respect to the recipients of the work (final or brokers). The aim was  to build an open, decentralized and interoperable solution for the formal and semantic description of contents, which software may insist on for the collection, the analysis, the processing and the recommendation of such contents.
  • Arianna, a research project for the Municipality of Turin (Education Policies Department) concerning the design of new interaction strategies, the user-system interaction re-design and the re-implementation in a client-server perspective of the Arianna software that, through a set of aptitude tests, allows to obtain the personal profile of individual students regarding their strengths, weaknesses, potentials useful to orientate them towards the right high school choice.
  • I-DYNAMIC-TV (convenzione con Telecom Italia) - tagging and adaptation in the area of new Television paradigms
  • iCITY (convenzione con il Comune di Torino e CSP) - integration of Web2.0, tagging and adaptation in the area of access to cultural heritage through an adaptive semantic multimedia tourist guide
  • PRIN (Research Projects of significant National Interest, funded by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) 2005 on Adaptive, Context-aware and Multimedia Guides for Mobile Devices, a project coordinated by prof. Chittaro, University of Udine, wherein the Turin unit has implemented a semantic mobile guide for cultural events.
  • Ubiquito (nell’ambito di M3Lab. Multimedia Mobile Communication Lab, finanziato da CSP) – An adaptive and mobile tourist guide