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Smart Interactive Objects and Systems


The SIOS (Smart Interactive Objects and Systems) group is active since 1997 and participated in these years to many projects, including project funded by Commission. From a methodological point of view the group has research skills on Intelligent User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Social Software and Web2.0, Recommender Systems, User modeling, Adaptive Systems, Knowledge Representation and Management, Automated Reasoning, Empirical studies of adaptive hypermedia and Web systems, Web of Things, Smart objects and natural interaction with networks of smart objects, intelligent service provision in the web of things, design of mobile applications.

As regards the projects, its has been recently involved in the PIEMONTE project and on projects on Web service management (WS-DIAMOND) and on adaptation and personalization in service provision, e.g., Smartlab and ICity in cooperation with Città di Torino, IDynamicTV in cooperation with Telecomm Italia, CAWICOMS a pioneering project in EU VII framework concerning personalized intelligent service provision.

We have been active and we have played a significant role in the recent year on a number of research areas that are relevant towards the goal of designing smart interaction with smart objects for smart system applications:

User modeling and recommendations

  • Personalization
  • Adaptive systems
  • User modeling
  • Small data / Personal big data
  • Social web analytics
  • System evaluation with users


  • Domain ontologies modeling
  • User interest propagation
  • Similarity measures

Embedded intelligence

  • Ability to manage knowledge
  • Social Intelligence (Relationship with other objects and people)
  • Adaptive and Personalized Interaction
  • Ability to listen / tell / recommend

Natural interaction

  • Elimination of interaction barriers
  • Reduction of physical / virtual gap
  • Integration Technology - Environment
  • New delivering modality of information / services in the mobile web

Interaction design

  • Novel interaction models
  • Tangible interaction
  • Wearable computing
  • User studies
  • System evaluation with users
  • User centered design
  • Usability/ accessibility studies


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