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Logical Foundations of Computation


Computer Science is a key discipline in the context of modern society. Despite its technological advances, Computer Science is still immature from the scientific point of view. Just think of the difficulties to certify --- functionally and in terms of resources used, for example --- the correctness of the compositions of software modules running within a distributed environment. Our background and our scientific inclinations will help us to contribute to an advancement of foundational knowledge about computing inside Past and current collaborations activities.

Our favourite method is to analyse aspects of mathematical abstractions who bought a central importance in the theory of computation, even after the birth of new computational models which are based on the physics of computational processes andwhich also urge to look with a new awareness issues such as the traditional distributed and asynchronous

computing. In general, these are problems of interaction between processes in space and time, where time and space are in turn reconsidered in a key computational. We work according to a vision that puts the construction of theories which help to explain the concept of "calculation" to the center of our research. We are focused on the foundational aspects of the technical concepts that we study, rather than to the solution of individual contingent problems. The belief is that the computational science, as such, has an absolute need for a revision of both its mathematical and, in a broad sense, philosophical bases.


Stefano Berardi

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