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Knowledge representation, Automated Reasoning, Logic and ontologies


    The research activity of KARL in the fields of knowledge representation and automated reasoning starts at the end of the eighties with the study of non-classical logics, in particular modal and conditional logics, and the study of reasoning mechanisms for agent communication in the Semantic Web.

    In the recent years, the research activities of KARL members focused on the following activities:

    • proof methods for conditional and preferential logics for non-monotonic reasoning;
    • development of theorem provers for non-classical logics;
    • non monotonic extensions of Description Logics for prototypical reasoning;
    • specification and reasoning on protocol-based interaction;
    • verification of properties of protocol-based interactions;
    • commitment-based interaction protocols;
    • affective models based on Semantic Web ontologies.



Valentina Gliozzi

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Viviana Patti

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Gian Luca Pozzato

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