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Intelligent Semantic Technologies for Human and Artificial Agents Collaboration


Intelligent support is a key factor during the execution of complex activities to facilitate their organization in simpler tasks, their distribution within team members (both human and artificial), their scheduling and monitoring, as well as the repair of possible failures.

Moreover, information integration and sharing is important for enabling human and artificial agents to correctly perform the requested activities and to successfully collaborate with each other, as well as to carry out personal activities. Without an automated support to knowledge sharing and synchronization, actors would be exposed to the overhead of searching for the needed information and coordinating with each other on data exchange as well as on task scheduling and execution, with possible consequences on performance and quality of plan execution.

The common concepts underlying the research activities of the IST*HAAC group are represented by a core set of technologies related to human-computer interaction and personalization, knowledge representation and reasoning, planning and execution, which can be integrated and exploited in the considered application domains to improve autonomous systems and human beings’ capabilities and performance.

The group is currently focusing on the following research threads:

  • Task scheduling and execution, human schedules management and team negotiation to coordinate simple and complex activities.
  • Semantic representation of geodata for Community Mapping: information integration, search and filtering, user-adaptive information presentation.
  • Automated (and mixed initiative) planning for complex tasks by taking into consideration resource constraints of the artificial agents that will have to execute the plan.
  • Ontology-based annotation of information resources to support user interaction and collaboration in shared spaces.
  • In the perspective of Digital Humanities, exploitation of ontologies and Linked Open Data to enhance the access and enjoyment of cultural heritage.

See the projects page for more detailed information.


Liliana Ardissono

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