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EIDOSlab: Digital image processing, computer vision and virtual reality

About us

Understanding, managing and processing of visual data represents an unexhausted source of complex information that can be applied to many areas of science. Nowadays, visual data can be originated by both physical and simulated events. The goal of the activities of the EIDOSlab group is to carry state of the art research in the areas of imaging and multimedia that, in the coming years, promise to be major drivers of new technologies and applications with high societal impact. The lab has a long history that trace back to the foundation of our image processing laboratory.

Research areas

Computer Vision

The research activities consist in the development of computer vision algorithms applied in many different fields ranging from gaming interfaces, automatic recognition for industrial and commercial needs to biometric and forensic applications.

Image processing

Image processing carried out in the group is aimed at developing algorithms for restoration, hidden information extraction, segmentation of color images, security and watermarking. Fields of applications ranges from image and video coding, cultural heritage to biomedical image processing.


In this area the group is applying his competences to the optimization of 3D graphics fruition on all the available visual devices, e.g. TV, mobile terminals, PC and game console including many aspects of mesh and texture data and the associated animation.

Virtual and augmented reality

Serious Games are an important branch of game industry that takes advantage of Virtual Reality for learning purposes. Simulation in a virtual world allows simple interaction with objects that in the real world are far away in space and/or in time. In this area all previous competences are glued together to design innovative and complex virtual and augmented reality systems using state of the art graphical and physical simulation library.

Curious about the acronym? EIDOS Lab stands for EIDetic Oriented Systems Lab.

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We are part of Italian Association for Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

What to work with us?

The call for the PhD Program in Computer Science 2019 is now open. International scholarships available. For detailed information see Computer Science Program and admission instructions.