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Design and evaluation of networks and distributed systems


In the latest years the research activities have been stimulated by the widespread diffusion of distributed applications and systems including file sharing, real-time multimedia streaming, cloud systems, energy smart grids, and data distribution over wireless networks. The group DESNET targets the modeling, design, and quantitative evaluation of such distributed applications and systems. Evaluation methodologies of group activities include theoretical analysis, mathematical modeling, measurement, simulation, and system development (prototyping).
The group has gained expertise in the:

  • design and analysis of coding techniques suitable for distributed applications. In particular, coding techniques (rateless codes, multiple description coding, compressive sensing) have been considered in file sharing, real-time multimedia streaming, and cloud storage systems with emphasis on performance and security issues.
  • modeling and analysis of peer-to-peer networks. In particular, analysis of resource transfer delays, discovery algorithms, and impact on ISPs, have been considered.
  • evaluation of data distribution protocols over wireless networks. In particular, sensor networks, vehicular networks, and ad-hoc networks in urban environments have been studied.
  • energy efficienct networking. In particular, network strategies and techniques in wireless networks and data centers to increase energy saving have been considered.
  • analysis of complex systems. In particular, we studied the network structure, the emerging behavior, the system functionalities, and the interaction among these issues in socio-technical networks.

The research activity of the DESNET group resulted in numerous publications on refereed international journals and conferences.



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