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Content Centered Computing


The  Content-Centered Computing group  is a research group which are focussed on the study and the develop of "content items".  A content item is defined through a , where the language is the modality that expresses the item (with its syntax and semantics), the domain is the semantic field of the item, and the medium is the storage and transmission format of the item. Group CCC is engaged in research projects concerning the following languages, domains and media, respectively:

  • languages: spoken natural language, sign natural language, audiovisual language, graphic, iconic and diagrammatic language, dramatic writing, musical scoring, character animation, emotional annotation language;
  • domains: railway transportation, weather forecast, urban planning, earth sciences, contemporary art production; 
  • media: text, audio, visual, animation, interactive, web. In the projects section, one can explore the current and past projects, which characterize the CCC group.

CCC projects are inter- and trans-discipline enterprises, where "the content is the center".


Vincenzo Lombardo

+39 011 67 06 722