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Applied Research on Computational Complex Systems


Our group's interest is focused on techno-social systems, and on the emergence of complex phenomena and relevant patterns from the many links in social mediaand the Web. Such arcscan connect users, resources, annotations, and other information in apparently unpredictable ways, even if some kind of order may appear from the chaos, and a complex reality can be simplified, understood and governed.

The impact that these issues have on our research is two-fold: first of all, we look for computational models that can help the research community to deal with such complexity. Moreover, once a pattern is understood and some prediction can be made, then the findings can be exploited in terms of new servicesand ground-breaking applications.
We stay on the shoulder of giants: the way how great minds like L. Kleinrock, V. Cerf, R. Kahn, and other fathers of modern computer networks, taught us how to govern the Internetis inspiring. In fact, much before the Internet was going to explode in millions of hosts around the world, they established a set of rules and protocols to let it evolve in almost a limitless way. However, these efforts to govern this complex technological network cannot misinterpreted as attempts to manipulate the Internetand its users.

We are looking for rules, applications, and technologies that can improve our social liveswithout giving up our freedom, right toprivacy, and quality of services.


Giancarlo Ruffo, QL8od@jROr2kFmcwz]#[GEnSQJL9NkpR8Zbdr

tel. +39 011 670 6771