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Management and Committees

Department Executive Committee

The Department Executive Committee is the proposing and executing authority flanking the Director in all his/her tasks.


The Director, Research and Education Vice- directors, the Administrative Manager, with the role of Committee secretary, are ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.
Moreover, the following members are elected:

  • 9 members, among wich 3 full professors, 3 associate professors, and 3 researchers;
  • a number of technical-administrative delegates correspnding to the 10% of the technical- administrative staff, and in any case not higher than 3, representing education, management, technical-scientific now-how, declared at candidacy time.

Luca Console (Head of Department), Susanna Donatelli, Matteo Sereno, Guido Boella, Felice Cardone, Mario Coppo, Rossano Gaeta, Diego Magro, Luca Roversi, Roberto Micalizio, Marco Pironti, Paola Pisano, Franco Filippa, Daniela Costa, Mauro Giraudo, Claudio Mattutino, Giuseppe Petracca.