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Teaching activities Committee

The Teaching activities Committee has the purpose of helping the Department Chair and Executive Committee in questions concerning the teaching activities of the Department. In particular the Committee:

  • proposes annually the teaching duties for full and associate professors, and examines proposals for the teaching duties of assistant professors
  • collects and scrutinizes the requests for sabbaticals of faculty members, providing an opinion to the Department Chair and Executive Committee
  • checks the compliance of courses to the constraints specified by the Ministry of Education
  • assesses the current courses and proposes new courses or closures of existing ones
  • examines the issue of support for teaching activities, proposing teaching assistantship positions when needed.

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Felice Cardone (President), Simonetta Ronchi della Rocca, Maria Luisa Sapino, Matteo Baldoni, Enrico Bini, Vincenzo Lombardo, Marco Beccuti, Sara Capecchi, Paola Gatti