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Research Re-examination Group

Research Re-examination Group of the Department is a working group designed upon Director’s proposal. It performs analysis and annual monitoring of the research activity w.r.t. scientific production and w.r.t. scientific projects.

This group produces one synthetic report and it submits it to the Research Committee, and successively to Department Council.

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Having particular requirements for various competencies, the group consists of Representative for Quality and some members of Research and Evaluation Committees.
The Representative for Quality is the reference and contact person for the process. His/her task is to help the Director and the governing bodies of the Department while writing the re-examination document and to guarantee the quality of the compilation process. It is an autonomous figure, chosen among the teaching staff of the Department, but outside of the governing bodies of the Department.

Susanna Donatelli (Responsible of Research Re-examination Group), Federica Granata (Student representative), Ines Margaria (Responsible for Quality Insurance), Ferruccio Damiani, Gianluca Garello, Daniele Gunetti, Maddalena Zacchi, Alessandro Genovese (Student representative), Christian Paone (Student representative), Fabio Pasqua (Student representative), Viviana Bono, Andrea Grosso, Pietro Torasso, Paola Gatti