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On Sunday, December 25th, at the age of 65, Torasso Piero suddenly passed away. The event has shocked all of us. Torasso has been a pioneer in the Artificial Intelligence field and he has played a leading role in Italian Computer Science and in our University. Model  professor, highly esteemed colleague, he held several institutional roles within our Department, where he has always represented a fundamental point of reference. The void of his loss is immense. At this address a condolences book is available for those who wish to leave a personal memory of Piero.

Computer Science Department

University of Torino

Computer Science Department in located in Corso Svizzera 185, Torino (entrance from Via Pessinetto 12).

Phone: (+39) 011 67 06 711     Fax: (+39) 011 75 16 03    
Administrative office: CE5DIfvzT34F8.ipVgLauq]#[4tl4xXYpAdDtqzbbCY9Zbi    Education office: CE5DIfvzT34F8.ipVgLauqd]#[v1k19QUrAfePlhhiHNDNtXV

Head of Department: Luca Console - CE5DIfvzT34F8.ipVgLau]#[qxwsAXip7Chy7tUWNTKHm
Research Vice-director: Guido Boella
Education Vice-director: Felice Cardone

Administrative Manager: Franco Filippa - CE5DIfvzT34F8.ipVgLauqdQMWH7rkJeU0s9B6]#[3tx26RmY4lpuilTWHNCSkPV8GJRkYjCQBtf8uz
Department Service Center Coordinator: Laura Corradetti - CE5DIfvzT34F8.ipVgLauqdQMWH]#[p2t4wMhYLrvukrKz8NKTgXVDLD@