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Computer Science Department

University of Torino

Computer Science Department in located in Corso Svizzera 185, Torino (entrance from Via Pessinetto 12).

Phone: (+39) 011 67 06 711 Fax: (+39) 011 75 16 03
Administrative office: ALfq724k6vgPYljNsOIVpm]#[2.KglviaoUq2Fkc@ZG6UWe
CCL-LM office: ALfq724k6vgPYljNsOIVpmwnXF@u]#[t8JdyoecoWFZBNc.r10UiYdfKEsm

Head of Department: Guido Boella - ALfq724k6vgPYljNsOIVp]#[o3VT.vsak4I7XeV5kBHCh
Research Vice-director: Marco Grangetto
Education Vice-director: Cristina Baroglio